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42 Day Detox  Challenge 

It's funny being a parent...

- You wake up early

- Get the kids ready for school

- Rush out the door

- Eat whatever you can get your hands on

- Down some coffee at work (maybe 2)

- Work hard

- Meet the demands of your boss

- Ignore those aches and pains

- Leave work to get the kids

- Meet the demands of your kids

- Feed the kids

- Eat whatever is left, fast and easy

- Maybe get to vent about your day

- Really Feel those aches and pains

- Go to bed and do it all over again


The problem is, you have no time to cook, workout, or work on yourself.

The BIGGER problem is, you aren't happy and you are losing more energy by the day.


Coffee no longer has the same "pick me up" effect that it use to have.

You now need MORE coffee☕!


Those aches and pains keep getting worse by the day to the point you feel too scared/old to do anything…


I know this, I lived this life myself a few years back.


When I consciously made the decision that something had to change I never looked back!


👉I made time to eat better

👉I worked out consistently

👉I cooked more and watched less t.v.


The biggest change I made was switching to a more flexible meal plan.


I knew I could never reach my goals if I did not get a handle on it NOW.


Today, I feel better than I did when I was 25 years old!


Yeah, i'm knocking on 40's door but I can say with confidence I could run circles around any 20yr old you put in front of me!


✅My focus is back!

✅My waistline stays at a 32"!


I made a 42 Day Challenge program that I am VERY excited to launch in March 2020.


I'm looking for a few people to join me on my BIG Transformation Journey!


Are you in?


If you want more details and if you are SERIOUS about making a change, Click on the link to schedule a no sweat meeting now👇👇👇👇👇


p.s. If you read all of this and are at the bottom, then this program is probably for you and you are AWESOME..




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