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Welcome to Thrive ProCoach with Debbie!

Ready to change your nutrition and health - We at THRIVE are working with Debbie Rupp, certified Nutrition and Health coach, to bring you Precision Nutrition online Procoach program! 

Precision Nutrition is the worlds leading nutrition coaching organization. Sign up now!

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This program was developed by Drs, counselors and educators and is based on scientific research as well as 1000's of clinical studies. This program is the most up to date nutritional and behavioral science information condensed into a 52 week habit based nutrition transformation program.   The program has helped over 45,000 people loose over 900,000lbs and is trusted by some of the biggest companies to implement on a corporate level!


The program is for anyone, at any age, at any nutrition level, 

with any eating preference. 

The way it works:

~The program is online, so anywhere you can get an internet connection (phone included) you can use Procoach!

~Every 2 weeks there will be a new habit to practice. These habits are cumulative and cohesive so everything is connected in a logical progression.

~Everyday you log into your personal home page, called your "Today Page" This can be done on a computer or mobile device.

~Every day you will receive a lesson that is in alignment with your habit.  The lesson can be read or listened to.  You can listen in the car on your way to work, at lunch hour, while exercising, you name it.  Pick a time and commit!  Many people find first thing upon waking a great time and a great way to start the day!

~The lessons are short, informative, thought provoking pieces that offer ideas and explain what and why we are doing what we are. It only takes about 5-10 minutes a day!

~Monthly you will record your progress!

~As your personal coach, Debbie will be checking in with you a couple times a week, or when needed to offer expert guidance, support, answer questions, work through blocks or setbacks, celebrate victories and keep you accountable!


COST:  There is no other program that offers this type of all encompassing information and support for the price. Precision Nutrition's recommended cost is $179.00 a month. Thrive members will be offered the program at a special rate of $99 for the first month which includes an initial One on One strategy session with Debbie.  Then $65 a month for the remainder of the program.

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