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Detroit Thrive Training Systems is pleased to present the East Side Youth Sports Foundation Scholarship Fund.

This fund was developed in order to cover the costs of youth training provided by the facility to those who may not have the resources to pay for these services.

There are currently 10 summer, and 5 Fall, 5 Winter, 5 Spring season scholarships available for eligible applicants.


The following parameters will be considered with each application:

  • Financial Necessity

  • Academic Performance 

  • Scholastic Leadership

  • Dedication to Sport

  • Involvement with the Community

  • Honors and Awards

  • Letters of Recommendation


Applicants must provide documentation to verify financial status, a copy of their most recent report card, a letter of recommendation from a current or former teacher, and a minimum 250 word essay describing why they want to train at Detroit Thrive!


Detroit Thrive Training Systems would like to thank the East Side Youth Sports Foundation for graciously provided the sponsorship for this scholarship fund.

Once you have compiled the required documents, please contact us.  Thank you.

Success! Message received.

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