We believe you can Move, Look, and Feel Better!

Unique. Effective. Fun.

Is it just us, or is the average “gym workout” either too boring to keep you motivated, or borderline hazardous?

Well, we feel this is just WRONG & backwards!

Your workout program should be unique, effective and fun all while remaining safe at the same time. We will never have you doing one-handed handstands while balancing a dumbbell on your left foot. Nor will we throw you on one of those conveyor belts (gyms call treadmills) for an hour and pretend to care. Our adult programs are a perfect balance of conditioning for weight loss/control, proper movement, functional strength, and flexibility. Are you ready to THRIVE?

           SMALL GROUP


Our most popular membership. The Small Group Membership provides you with the customization of a program like one-on-one, while working in a small group of 5-10 people. Based off your goals and needs, your program will be updated by your coach on a regular basis.




The Semi-Private Membership provides extra attention in a 3:1 Client to trainer ratio. A Thrive fitness professional will take you through a one-on-one movement screen and goal analysis which will help design a custom program around your goals. This exclusive membership provides a unique experience with your fitness coach. 



Team training is a fun approach to working out in a group atmosphere. Team Training (TT) is a high energy, metabolic conditioning workout. TT uses high-intensity interval training methods to give you THE best workout available. These workouts are led by a Thrive coach, and accommodate group sizes of anywhere from 8 to 30 individuals. Team Training is designed to suit client needs at higher fitness level.

Every Saturday @ 8am! Our Famous "Soup Kitchen" Session