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An internship at Detroit Thrive will dramatically improve your skills as a Coach. Our Internship is a real life, learn- by- doing experience.

During your internship, you will coach Adults, Middle School, High School, and Collegiate Athletes, and observe and assist Professional  in the following areas of Performance Enhancement:

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Warm Up (Foam Rolling to Light Implement Power work, and everything in between)

  • Lift (Power Work, Strength Development, Motor Control/Stability Training)

  • Conditioning (Running, Biking, Slideboarding, etc)

  • Gym set up and breakdown, along with daily housekeeping tasks

Internship schedule:

  • Winter: January 2 to March 12th - (2 positions) with earning potential up to $750
    Application Deadline: Dec 1st

  • Spring: March 14th to June 9th - (2 positions) with earning potential up to $750.
    Application Deadline: February 1st 

  • Summer: June 1 - August 7th (5 positions) with earning potential up to $750

  •  Application Deadline: April 1st

  • Fall: September 3 to December 20 - (2 positions) with earning potential up to $750. 
    Application Deadline: Aug 1st


If you are interested in any of these internship positions please:​​

  • Email a copy of your resume to

  • Applicants will be background checked 

  • Must be 18+ and a high school graduate

Questions-Ask Away!

Thanks for submitting!

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